Seven Reasons To Hire Our Law Firm For Your Injury Case

We know it must be difficult deciding whom you should hire to handle your personal injury claim with all the fancy TV advertising, yellow pages, websites and even some attorneys now hiring aggressive people to contact injured people to sign them up as clients.

When you are dealing with a personal injury claim, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions you will make will be your choice of legal counsel. You need someone who is competent, experienced, caring and easy to work with, and willing to stand up for you against the insurance company. All attorneys will say that, but does it really happen? Testimonials of former clients support that.

Here's why Spokane Injury Law through the law office of Bruce M. Nelson is different:

(1). Dedicated To Representing Honest People With Serious Injury Claims

We are dedicated to representing honest people with serious injury and wrongful death claims. We do not take unmeritorious or fraudulent claims. This 35-plus-year dedication to seeking fair and just compensation for honest people is because we actually care about the people we represent, and care about preserving a civil justice system that will provide fair and just compensation to deserving people.

(2). What Kind Of Attorney Should Handle My Personal Injury Claim?

In medicine, physicians have become trained and focus their practice in specific areas of medicine to ensure that you get the best possible health care. If you have a broken leg, you see an orthopedist, who is specially trained and experienced in dealing with that kind of problem.

In law, many attorneys practice in multiple areas of law, in addition to personal injury. Better yet, there are a few attorneys who have limited their practice, and gained experience and training in just personal injury. We have limited our practice to just personal injury for over 35 years. It makes sense to hire someone who only does that area of law.

Before I, Bruce M. Nelson, obtained my doctorate in law, I pursued an undergraduate degree in pre-med. Although I ultimately elected to go to law school rather than medical school (I am not a physician), this background peaked my interest in the relationship between medicine and personal injury law. Why is this important? Understanding a client's injury and prognosis is critical to ensure that the client receives full compensation. If you want someone who is experienced in personal injury law, hire someone who limits his/her practice to personal injury law. That's all we do!

Having started on the insurance defense side for the first two years of his practice, Bruce M. Nelson understands how insurance companies handle claims. Bruce M. Nelson no longer represents insurance companies, but takes that experience to help victims just like you.

(3). Proven Track Record

Some attorneys list self-laudatory settlement awards to lure clients to hire them, without detailing all the facts necessary to determine whether the awards were fair or not. We prefer to allow our former clients to do the talking, rather than do it ourselves. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. With our clients' permission, we will gladly give references from former clients or discuss past results confidentially. Former clients back this up.

At Spokane Injury Law, we are strong advocates for those who have suffered personal injury in a number of ways. We do not let the insurance company stand in our way of getting you a fair settlement. They hire attorneys and adjusters to represent their interests, so why shouldn't you.

These adjusters may, in some cases, seem friendly, but don't forget who is paying their salaries.

(4). You Need To Be Treated Fairly And Compassionately By A Local Law Firm

We recognize that the physical, emotional and economic demands that result from an injury can be extremely stressful. We also know that stress tends to increase muscle spasm and inhibit healing.

When you hire us, the burdens and stress of not knowing what to do, and how to handle the medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering damages fall on us, so you can focus all your attention on getting well.

Having a local law firm, rather than a national chain, allows the personal interaction that you want and deserve. Your case will be handled personally by attorney Bruce M. Nelson and his paralegal. We're here and available for you every step of the way.

(5). We Work Hard From The Start To Get Payments Started For Your Medical Bills And Wage Loss

By calling us immediately, we can set up medical payment coverage and wage loss compensation from first-party insurance coverage to protect your credit rating and relationship with your medical provider, while you are undergoing treatment for your injuries before you settle.

Ultimately, we will hold the at-fault insurance carrier accountable for such medical payments, wage loss, and pain and suffering damages, when your treatment is concluded.

(6). We Invest The Time To Meet With You Before Making A Demand Or Trying To Settle Your Claim

We know that you want to know what your case is worth before starting negotiation. We typically spend at least an hour explaining the basis for evaluating your claim, and don't make a demand without your specific authority. We keep you apprised of all offers and obtain your authority to make counteroffers. We recognize that our purpose is to serve you, not make a quick buck.

(7). We Take Out The Hassle Of Paying Off Medical Liens, L&I Liens And Outstanding Bills At The Conclusion Of Your Case

When we conclude your case, we pay off all outstanding medical bills, medical liens and L&I liens out of your settlement funds for you. All you have to do is sign off on the disbursements and walk away with your net settlement check.

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